The workshops will take place on June 22 and June 23 at the campus of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Freiburg.

Registration for the Workshops is open from 8:00 - 9:00 at Building 101, Foyer. The workshops start at 9:00. More detailed information about the schedule of a specific workshop is available at the workshop’s website.

Please note, that there are several venues for Poster sessions. You can find a map with venues and time slots for all workshops and their Poster sessions here.

Saturday, June 22

Workshop Title Organizers Building Room
WS1-1 2nd Workshop on Informative Path Planning and Adaptive Sampling Jen Jen Chung
Nicholas Lawrance
Graeme Best
Alberto Quattrini Li
Stephanie Kemna
101 02 016/ 018
WS1-2 Scalable Learning for Integrated Perception and Planning Maximilian Durner
Martin Sundermeyer
Zoltan Marton
En Yen Puang
Rudolph Triebel
82 00 006
WS1-3 Numerical Optimization for Online Multi-Contact Motion Planning and Control Romeo Orsolino
Carlos Mastalli
Michele Focchi
Nicolas Mansard
101 01 009
WS1-4 Generation GrowBots: materials, mechanisms and systems design for adaptable and growing robots inspired by plants Barbara Mazzolai
Ian Walker
101 01 013
WS1-5 Advances in Neuro-Robotics Wolfram Burgard
Tonio Ball
Joschka Boedecker
105 00 052
WS1-6 Combining Learning and Reasoning - Towards Human-Level Robot Intelligence Peter Karkus
Alina Kloss
Rico Jonschkowski
Leslie P. Kaelbling
101 01 016/018
WS1-7 Haptic Assistance and Augmented Sensing for Enhancing Autonomy of Visually Impaired People Federica Barontini
Giuseppe Averta
Simone Fani
101 00 010/14
WS1-8 Workshop on Scene and Situation Understanding for Autonomous Driving Igor Gilitschenski
Juan Nieto
Federico Tombari
Daniela Rus
101 00 026
WS1-9 Task-Informed Grasping (TIG-II): From Perception to Physical Interaction Amir Ghalamzan Esfahani
S. Hamidreza Kasaei
Gerhard Neuman
101 00 036

Sunday, June 23

Workshop Title Organizers Building Room
WS2-1 Closing the Reality Gap in Sim2real Transfer for Robotic Manipulation Sebastian Höfer
Ankur Handa
Kamal Kuzhinjedathu
Marc Toussaint
Dieter Fox
101 00 026
WS2-2 Emerging paradigms for robotic manipulation: from the lab to the productive world Maria Pozzi
Virginia Ruiz Garate
Maximo Roa
101 01 016/018
WS2-3 Women in Robotics Elizabeth Phillips
Kerstin Sophie Haring
Serena Ivaldi
Marwa ElDiwiny
Chinwe Ekenna
Anastasiia Varava
105 00 052
WS2-4 Please note: WS2-4 is merged with WS2-10
WS2-5 Robust Task and Motion Planning Neil T. Dantam
Ye Zhao
Lydia E. Kavraki
78 00 014
WS2-6 Pervasively neural-dynamic robotics: Do insights from neuroscience, cognitive science, and neuromorphic engineering lead to a radically new vision? (0.5d) Yulia Sandamirskaya
Gregor Schöner
82 00 006
WS2-7 Cloud and Fog Robotics in the Age of Deep Robot Learning Sandeep P. Chinchali
Ajay Tanwani
Marco Pavone
101 01 009
WS2-8 Workshop: Aerial Interaction and Manipulation: Unsolved Challenges and Perspectives Markus Ryll
Guillermo Heredia
Mina Kamel
Juan Nieto
101 01 013
WS2-9 Robots in the Wild: Challenges in Deploying Robust Autonomy for Robotic Exploration Pratap Tokekar
Yoonchang Sung
Jnaneshwar Das
101 02 016/018
WS2-10 Robust Autonomy: safe robot learning and control in uncertain real-world environments Ransalu Senanayak
Sylvia Herbert
Andrea Bajcsy
David Fridovich-Keil
Somil Bansal
Jaime Fernández Fisac
101 00 36
WS2-11 Space Robotics Riccardo Bonalli
Marco Pavone
Nisar Ahmed
Dan Szafir
Chris Heckman
Jay McMahon
Erik Komendera
106 00 007
WS2-12 Perception and Control for Fast and Agile Super-vehicles Varun Murali
Keith Lynn
Chelsea Sabo
Sertac Karaman
51 00 006
WS2-13 AI and Its Alternatives for Shared Autonomy in Assistive and Collaborative Robotics Aleksandra Kalinowska
Alexander Broad
Brenna Argall
Todd Murphey
Adam Zoss
51 00 033/034