We recognize that it is often difficult for members of the RSS community with children to balance professional travel with family obligations. RSS is committed to support our colleagues with children by making the conference more welcoming and accessible to parents and families.

Free Childcare

Please note that free childcare is booked up. We are excited to host so many families at RSS in Freiburg!

Family-Friendly Activities

Freiburg is a family-friendly city with many wonderful options for children (and adults) of all ages. These include excellent science and natural history museums, the Mundenhof, the “Bächle” of Freiburg, the cable car “Schauinslandbahn”, the Europa-Park in Rust, and many others.


In the past, the Mundenhof estate was one of the state’s largest agricultural undertakings with field crops, milk production and livestock breeding. A recreation area has developed here over the last century with many special features and close connections between agriculture, animal enclosures and nature education: with 38 hectares, the Mundenhof is the largest zoo in Baden-Württemberg.

Address: Mundenhof 37, 79111 Freiburg, Germany

Website: https://www.mundenhof.de/

Hours: The Mundenhof is open throughout the year and can be accessed at any time.

Admission: free

Freiburg Bächle

Characteristic of the historic city center of Freiburg are the Bächle, streamlets that meander through the whole city center amounting to a length of 15.5 kilometers. They used to supply the old city of Freiburg with fresh water and also carried away the sewage water, thus keeping the city clean. Today, the water of the Dreisam provides a pleasant climate. On hot summer days people of all ages take refreshing footbaths in the streamlets.

Adress: pedestrian area within Freiburg City center

Website: https://www.freiburg-geniessen.de/de/freiburg/freiburger-baechle.php

Cable Car Schauinslandbahn

Leave your daily life in the valley and come to discover the life at 1284 m above sea level. With the longest loop cable car in Germany, you will reach the peak of Freiburg and its stunning panorama in 20 minutes.

Adress: Lower station of the Schauinsland cable car, Bohrerstraße 11, 9289 Horben

Website: http://www.schauinslandbahn.de/en/

Hours: January – June; 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Admission: Adults 12,50 €; Children (6 – 14 years) 8,00 €

Europa-Park Rust

Europa-Park is a theme park and the largest in Germany, and the second most popular theme park resort in Europe, following Disneyland Paris. Europa-Park is located in Rust, in south-western Germany, between Freiburg and Strasbourg, France.

Adress: Europa-Park-Straße 2, 77977 Rust

Hours: changing and depending on weather conditions, see opening hours

Admission: Adults (aged 12+) 49,50 €; Children (4-11 years) 42,50 €

Website: https://www.europapark.de/en